Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas in Brussels Part 2

The plan for the following day was to revisit the Grand Place and the Manneken Pis followed by a stop at the Belgian Comic Strip Center.  As recommended by a travel wiki, brunch was served at the restaurant T Kelderke where I tried the Carbonnades flammandes à la Bière - quite good but really rather salty.  And I must say, they really like their frites in Belgium.

The Manneken Pis statue was much smaller than anticipated.  One of the more amusing stories about this statue went as follows: a guy who was visiting the city had lost his son and a search party was formed to look all over the city for him.  His son was found happily in the state below =) so as an expression of his gratitude, this statue/fountain was built as a gift.

Two of my favourite comic strips with links to Belgium include Tintin and Asterix & Obelix.  This was enough to warrant a trip to the Belgian Comic Strip Center (Belgians takes their comic strips quite seriously).

One of the key attractions of Europe in winter are the Christmas markets and Brussels was certainly no exception.  Plaisirs d'hiver was the name of the celebrations in Brussels @ Place Sainte Catherine.  With plenty of live music, great food & hot cider, it was definitely worth the trip and a great way to end a (sadly, too short) trip to Belgium.

Next stop, Luxembourg!

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