Kdrama Reviews

Kdrama Reviews

The following are dramas I've already watched with a score for overall drama quality (objective score) along with a subjective, personal enjoyment rating. I've only had time to write up some of the reviews so please bear with me as try to finish these up.

Ratings Explanation

Ratings will be given out of 5 stars (*****) based on the drama's overall production quality as follows:
- 5 stars: Excellent to Outstanding in almost all aspects
- 4 stars: Very good, solid production in most areas
- 3 stars: Average production with some strengths and weaknesses
- 2 stars: Somewhat lacking in major areas
- 1 stars: Poor quality drama with major issues

A short personal note follows to indicate my enjoyment level of the drama. Hopefully, this'll enhance the value of the reviews and I hope that you'll all find this useful. Happy drama watching!

1% of Anything - Currently watching
7th Grade Civil Servant - Dropped it as the cinematography was too rough and coarse.
A Gentleman's Dignity - Dropped - lost interest
All In - Dropped as it was getting a bit dragged out and felt rather uninspiring
Arang and the Magistrate - Dropped - lost interest
Antique (**) - Interesting concept, poor execution, wasted of time (movie)
Bad Guys (***) - Interesting idea but doesn't really address the elephant in the room
Baker King Kim Tak Goo (****) - Kim Tak Goo was great, but his scheming stepmom hogged the screen.
Beethoven Virus (***) - Kim Myung Min was superb, everyone else was so-so
Blood (***) - Lots of potential but Goo Hye Sun's performance detracted and the resolution wasn't great
Boys Over Flowers (***) - Decent
Bridal Mask (****) - Joo Won is excellent, Shunji seems to have MP disorder but generally a good drama
Can't Lose (*****) - Charming and fun, a delight to watch!
Cheaters (****) - Unique storytelling (movie)
Chuno (**) - Too many inconsistencies in the script and cast doesn't have much chemistry
City Hall (**) - Decent drama but really boring at times, cast didn't have much chemistry
City Hunter (**) - Action sequences were alright but acting sucked
Code Name: Jackal (***) - Light & comedic (movie)
Coffee Prince (***) - Enjoyable
Couple of Fantasy (****) - Unexpectedly amusing, definitely worth a watch!
Creating Destiny (***) - Dragged on for too long
Dae Mul (****) - Loved the inspirational Kwon Sang Woo and the wilful Ko Hyun Jung!
Damo (***) - Enjoyable
Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow (***) - Amusing performance by Kim Myung Min
Dr Champ - Dropped it as the script seemed a bit boring
Dr Jin (***) - Script could've been better but acting was decent
Dream High - Dropped it since I lost interest
Emergency Couple (****) - Great chemistry between Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk!
Empress Ki (****) - Solid drama but a little over the top near the end
Faith - Forced myself to finish 2nd ep but gave up due to the very poor acting and writing. Lee Min Ho acts nothing like a general..
Fated to Love You - Currently watching
Friends (2002) (****) - Loved it!
Fugitive Plan B (***) Great beginning but then slowly started to unravel
Full House (*****) - Loved it!
Get Karl Oh Soo Jung (****) - Deliciously funny, definitely worth a watch!
Ghost/Phantom (****) - Great crime thriller, Kwak Do Won's gruff performance was outstanding
Good Doctor (****) - Touching performance by Joo Won!
Good Morning President (****) - All time favourite!! (movie)
Goong (***) - Decent
Healer (***) - Enjoyable
Ho Goo's Love (****) - Absolutely hilarious, light comedy
I Hear Your Voice - Dropped - lost interest
Iljimae (***) - Lee Jun Ki makes for a charming Iljimae
IRIS (****) - Lots of action if you're up for that
Jeon Woo Chi - Stopped at episode 11. End of the initial story which felt a tad ridiculous.
King 2 Hearts - Dropped due to uninspiring story
King Of Dramas (****) - Light, fun and endearing - great comedy.
Love Cells - Currently watching
Mackerel Run (***) - Lee Min Ho is a natural but drama was cut way too short
Marriage Not Dating (*****) - Awesome chemistry between Yun Woo Jin and Han Groo
Miracle in Cell No. 7 (*****) - Wonderful tale, so heartwarming (movie)
My Gangster Lover (****) - Surprisingly refreshing and a definite sleeper hit (movie)
My Girl (7.5/10) - Heartwarming romantic comedy
My Love From Another Star (*****) - A classic in every way!
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (*****) - The perky Kim Sun Ah and dashing Hyun Bin are quite the pair
My PS Partner (****) - Quirky and racy twist on the romantic comedy but very well done (movie)
My Teacher Mr Kim (*) - Disliked, directionless (movie)
Oh My Ghostess (****) - Some good acting in this one
Personal Taste (***) - Decent drama
Producers - Currently watching
Prosecutor Princess (***) - Bit of a bore
Punch (*****) - Great cast chemistry and suspenseful til the end
Queen of Housewives - Dropped after 8 episodes as it began feeling too contrived
Queen Seon Deok (****) - Ko Hyun Jung is deliciously dangerous as Lady Mishil!
Romance Zero - Stopped at episode 8. Cast is just too wacky.
Save The Last Dance For Me - Dropped (too classic a kdrama opening, unrealistic)
Secret Garden (*****) - One of my favourite dramas ever - Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won are sublime!
Secretly, Greatly (****) - Touching storytelling
Sign (****) - A thrilling and captivating crime drama.
Sly and Single Again (****) - Solid and light-hearted romantic comedy
Soulmate (****) - Great fun and very comedic!
Special Affairs Team TEN (****) - Great cast chemistry
Special Affairs Team TEN 2 - Currently watching
Speedy Scandal (****) - Hilarious! (movie)
Sungkyunkwan Scandal - Dropped - lost interest
Sweet 18 (***) - Pretty good romantic comedy but the lack of chemistry between the leads ruins it
That Fool/Accidental Couple (****)
The Admiral: Roaring Currents (****) - Intense, emotional storytelling! (movie)
The Heirs (***) - Well-polished acting but a disappointing storyline development.
The King and the Clown (****) - Very unique (movie)
The Master's Sun (***) - Unsatisfying story but great music
The Moon That Embraces The Sun (***) - Enjoyable
The Return of Iljimae - Dropped due to annoying narration and ridiculous acting - Iljimae was better
The Technicians (****) - Light and entertaining (movie)
The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (****) - Loved this drama - very heartwarming and fun
Thieves (****) - Charming thriller with great acting (movie)
Three Days (*****) - Among the best written thrillers I've ever watched.
Tomorrow's Cantabile (**) - Disappointing writing and cast
Tree With Deep Roots (****) - Excellent buildup and great acting by Han Suk Kyo
Two Weeks (*****) - Marvelously written thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
Vampire Prosecutor (***) - Deliciously gripping in its supernatural way
Vampire Prosecutor 2 (***) - Same as season 1
Warm & Cozy (****) - Truly warm & cozy!
Warrior Baek Dong Soo (**) - So-so sageuk, story was good but major resolutions were disappointing.
What's Up Fox (***) - Loved it!
Witch Yoo Hee (***) - Decent
Worlds Within - Dropped - lost interest

Shindou's Perspective:

Personally, I'm a more serious person so if you're looking for rave reviews about specific idols or idol dramas, you'll have to look elsewhere as I don't go crazy over dramas just because so-and-so is in them. What I generally look for though is a sense of consistency and credibility in the acting, character and plot development.

Initially, I started off watching jdramas but gradually shifted over to korean dramas since about 2007-2008 and I've been hooked ever since. While I'm not a fan of the rather melodramatic kdramas produced in the early/mid 2000s, most dramas produced after around 2005 have been quite good. Korea continues to put out excellent dramas and I look forward to watching and enjoying more during this Golden Age of kdramas!