Monday, December 19, 2011

KPop Masters 2011

Dropped into Las Vegas recently @ Thanksgiving and happened to catch the Billboard KPop Masters concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena with a friend who's into korean pop music.  We were there on the night of the 26th so SHINee was the special extra performer that night.

We had initially bought the $75 seats at the far back and near the very top of the arena.  We got a nice surprise after we got in, when the ticketing folks told us to trade in our tickets for those in the $300 seat zone which was WAY closer to the stage!  Here are some shots from our awesome new seats, which were fantastic, aside from the occasional sweepover by the huge video camera contraption which nearly knocked off the heads off some of our seat neighbors.

The countdown begins!

Here's B2ST, with the opener.




At this point, I must admit I had practically gone deaf.  While kpop ballads are decent and all, sitting right underneath the stage speakers certainly did my eardrums no favors.  And perhaps I'm getting too old for this but all those flashing strobe lights sorta gave me a bit of a headache. Or perhaps it had to do with my dinner which wasn't sitting too well considering the sound waves were essentially shaking the walls of my stomach.  And the concert was only half over, oh joy.

Next up, 4Minute

Brown Eyed Girls


Final act of the night, TVXQ!

As my eyes and ears had taken in several times their daily intake at this point, I was not overly unhappy to see this scene =) although I'm sure others would vehemently disagree with me here.

Seriously though, it was a awesome concert, great performances - and someone please remind me to bring sunglasses and earplugs next time!

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