Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Novotel Zurich Airport Messe

The last stop of the Christmas trip to Europe was Zurich.  Given that it was the Christmas holiday season, hotel prices were far cheaper than usual as there were fewer tourists at this time of year.  Having monitored the prices for a little while, I snagged a pretty amazing deal at the Novotel Zurich Airport for just 49 euros a night for two nights!  Not sure if people are generally acquainted with the Novotel chain as it is primarily based in Europe but it is part of the Accor Hotels portfolio (similar to Hilton or Marriott), and Novotel generally targets the mid-scale market (think Four-Points Sheraton).  Here's a shot of the lobby/lounge where you can get free wifi access.  There is also a hidden US adapter (the Swiss have their own electrical outlets - different from the rest of Europe) on the floor so you can recharge your laptop there as well.

The hotel room lights are card activated so you have remember to insert your room card in order to turn on all the lights.  This was actually pretty convenient since I generally forget where I put the room card after I get in.

 The room itself is nicely lit with lots of stylish, elegant wood furnishings.

The bed was quite comfortable and the reading lights on each side are conveniently located and easily accessible. The only complaint I have about the hotel is the lack of any adapters, particularly when Switzerland uses a different outlet than the rest of Europe. Adapters are available at the front desk for a fee but I feel this is definitely one of those things hotels should generally provide to travel-weary tourists and business travellers alike.

Washroom is very clean and once again, I would again like to point out the fact that the shower glass only extends halfway across the length of the tub when the shower head can be hand held. Are hotels generally not concerned with guests spraying water all over the floor? Or maybe I just don't know how to hold a showerhead...

The location of the room safe and the fridge was conveniently placed with a water boiler included - which came in very handy.

Location-wise, the hotel is in a rather secluded area so don't expect any shops or stores nearby. The tram stop is just outside the hotel which is very convenient for getting into Zurich (takes about 30 mins) and the stop is only 3-4 stops away from the airport in the other direction. Overall, it was a pleasant stay, especially for the price, and allowed me to get a comfortable rest after travelling around Zurich.

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