Thursday, December 22, 2011


I would probably be doing Switzerland a huge disservice if I failed to add a special note about the Confiserie Sprüngli =). Most likely my most favourite part of Zurich, aside from the possibly spectacular panoramic view of Zurich I never got to see =(

The items in the confiserie look so tempting,

especially quiches, I love quiches <3.

And here, we arrive at the most famous of them all, the crown jewels of Sprüngli, these little guys, which look like macaroons, are called Luxembourgli and they go for a pricey $11.60 / 100 grams. But if you're ever in Zurich, do yourself a favor and get some pieces to try - they're worth every penny!

Merry Christmas guys!  Hope Santa got you all some sweet presents!!

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