Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beef Noodle Soup

Was recommended by a local to try this famous beef noodle soup shop in Taipei.

Reminiscent of Korean meals, Taiwanese people love their side dishes as well.  Here was a plate of seaweed, green onions and prepared tofu, served cold.

Here's some pig ears to gross you out - they were actually not too bad, tasted exactly like how I thought cartilage would taste like with green onions.  Too bad I didn't take a picture but the thousand year old egg I had here was a bit too much to bear.  I'm generally a fan of that type of egg when its in pork congee but just eating it plain by itself almost led to some bad vomiting.

A side dish of nuts with green onions as well.

Some fishcake slices - my favourite side dish, in Taiwan or Korea.

Probably the Taiwanese variant of kimchi - pickled cabbage.

And here's the main course itself, the beef noodle soup. The broth was the most interesting part of this experience as it was very very flavorful. The beef used for the soup was also quite tender and went well with the soup and noodles.

Clearly, looks can be deceiving as I would never have randomly wandered here and realized there was such a great beef noodle soup joint.

The line was even longer when I left!  Clearly, I should have yelped this before I came =P

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