Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cheonggyecheon @ night

If you thought Cheonggyecheon during the day was nice, Cheonggyecheon at night is perhaps even more alluring and romantic. Here, amidst the glow of the seashell sculpture and waterfall, the trickling sounds of water and the nice cool breeze, the atmosphere is just right for hanging out and taking a leisurely stroll along the banks.

As you walk eastwards, there are numerous lighting decorations and even stepping stones to cross the stream to give the path some lighting and amusement appeal.

On both banks of the stream, hundreds of couples sit to enjoy the view and enjoy a sweet moment together.

A shot of the lighted waterfall, at the head of the stream:

Perhaps the most amusing part of the evening was when I came across this mirrored box sitting in the middle of the plaza. It was quite curious as there was a television crew setting up cameras to film the box so I wandered over to the entrance of the box to see what was inside. Inside the box stood a microphone and dangled a lightbulb which turned on when someone stepped inside. The idea was that anyone could step inside and record a message of up to 20 seconds. After a short delay, that recorded message would get broadcast over powerful speakers to the entire plaza.

This was rather amusing when the first brave soul ran in and supposedly professed his love for his girlfriend (from my limited korean understanding), and before his message was broadcast to the entire plaza, he darted out of the box and ran to hide behind a bus. (The TV crew later caught up with him to interview him on it.)  All in good fun!

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