Sunday, January 8, 2012

Les Promenades du Vieux Quebec

Continuing on my brief Quebec sojourn - As I head into the heart of old Quebec via Rue St Jean, the gates of the city walls loomed in front while a crowd of people gathered on the side watching people skate in the public rink.

The festive Christmas and shopping mood was especially palpable along the street as I headed towards the hotel.  Les Promenades refers to the entire shopping district near the hotel where numerous stores line the street.  Off to one side is the stately Quebec City Hall:

From Rue de Buade, there is a short alleyway where a number of street vendors sell drawings and paintings of the Quebec local area.

As you exit the alley, in front looms the Chateau and to the side are a number of quaint looking shops and restaurants.

Here's another pictures of the Porte St Jean:

As I continued my way up Rue St Jean and past the gate, I returned back to the skating rink and the very wintry scene I had passed earlier when driving down.  Here's a Zamboni resurfacing the ice:

As I left the area, I got a shot of another one of the gates near the National Assembly.

If you're ever in Quebec, this charming promenade full of shops is definitely worth a brief stop.

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