Monday, January 2, 2012

Personal Taste Review (2010)

Drama Rating: ***
Personal Rating: Decent

Lee Min Ho plays Jeon Jin Ho, an architect striving to make his name known. In a bid to win a project, Jin Ho pretends to be gay in order to become Park Gae In's roommate to find out more about the architectural uniqueness of her home. In the process, the two find themselves attracted to each other despite their differences and his supposed 'preference'. What will happen when Gae In finds out the truth?

*Spoiler warning*

The idea of a guy pretending to be gay to worm his way into Gae In's house to find its secret seems to be a little bit of a stretch. Tack on the misunderstandings and love triangles and you've got yourself a romantic comedy. The overarching storyline is fairly entertaining and provides some light moments to watch but I don't generally get the feel that this drama is out to win over the audience. As a romantic comedy, I'm generally looking for some humor (which it did have at the beginning with all the gay jokes) and a nice, heartwarming love story, but I don't really get that sense watching this series. The script seems to lack the sizzle that would give me some real anticipation or urge to continue watching.

Having seen Lee Min Ho in Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter, it seems that he has a Kimura Takuya-style problem if I can call it that. While there certainly wasn't anything wrong in this particular series, the characters he play, either by chance or by design, all seem to have very similar characteristics and he ends up channeling the same type of mannerisms, habits and line delivery. Although this is less of a problem here than it was in City Hunter, it does give Jin Ho's character a very plain, vanilla feel. Son Ye Jin's character Park Gae In, is supposed to be a little dense and slow and while Son Ye Jin does get that across, her character sometimes feels overly dumb. Jung Sung Hwa gave the most notable performance of the supporting cast with his great gay 'performance' as No Sang Joon, Jin Ho's comedic assistant. The rest of the cast and characters were not particularly noteworthy with most giving fairly average performances.

The use of music didn't seem to be a primary focus of this series.  While there weren't any glaring issues with the soundtrack, it didn't feel particularly impressive or noteworthy. In fact, it certainly felt like there were more scenes done without musical accompaniment than most other recent korean dramas.

Aside from the pretty average acting and storyline, I was not particularly hooked or driven to watch this series to the end. While there was the main point of whether the couple would end up together or not, it seemed more like a laid back curiosity than a driving desire. The chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin was certainly not at the point where sparks flew; this is particularly notable because Lee Min Ho so often seems aloof and uninterested. Although this isn't a bad drama, it certainly feels quite average to me and leaves a rather bland 'meh' sort of aftertaste.

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