Saturday, February 18, 2012

Carlsplatz Market

The Carlsplatz Market, located not far from Königsallee in the vicinity of Old Town (Aldstadt), is a wonderfully diverse open air market consisting of a number of stalls selling everything from fruits and vegetables to sausages and cheeses.

I got here a little bit early so the shops were still just opening up!

Whenever I visit any Bavarian areas like Germany or Austria, there's no way I can go without chowing down a couple of delicious sausages.  For some reason, the european sausages they sell at the supermarkets in the US never taste the same.

One of the stalls at the north end of the market was called Fischhaus (Fish House) and selling Fischsuppe (fish soup if you haven't guessed already) which is pretty famous in this area. It was quite salty so the bread really came in handy but otherwise it was delicious.

The market also sells a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, woodwork etc.

I was quite amused to see some rather plump cactuses being sold on the left next to some berries and pineapples.

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