Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eruptions @ the Mirage

The Mirage has been a fixture on the Las Vegas strip for over 20 years. With its palm trees and artificial lake out front complete with its iconic large 'man-made' volcano, the Mirage occupies a central place along the Strip opposite the Venetian Resort and next to Treasure Island.

The volcano show is definitely a display not to be missed, with 'eruptions' nightly on every hour, providing a dazzling show of fire and water. A convincing tropical soundtrack with realistic jungle and eruption sound effects make the show quite convincing. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a video of this but you can see from the pictures below.

You will definitely feel the heat up close, something quite welcome on a cold November evening!  Make sure to catch this free show outside the Mirage if you're even in Vegas!

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