Thursday, February 9, 2012


Insadong was the one area in Seoul I wish I had more time to explore.  The entire street is well known for its traditional and historical flavor, with many stores selling antiques and artworks. In fact, Queen Elizabeth II has visited this area.  Definitely going to spend some more time here next time I visit!

One of the most interesting cultural items I found were these Korean masks.  Masks were used in a variety of situations, from ceremonies to talismans to artistic dances and plays.The facial features of the masks depend on their usage (eg. grotesque masks might be used for ceremonial rites).

As dusk had fallen and my stomach was craving for food, which pretty much ended my venture into Insadong. I ordered bulgogi and I was actually a little surprised to see some of my favorite cold, white, jelly-like pieces in my bowl. The only other time I had eaten those were as korean side dishes served with some hot spicy sauce.

As usual, the side dishes were delicious, with this set consisting of some pickled cabbage, seaweed,

kimchi, and some chewy strips which I think is dried fish?  Feel free to let me know what it is if you know =P

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