Saturday, February 25, 2012

Food in Düsseldorf

There were a large selection of restaurants to pick from within the Altstadt.  For lunch, I went with Benders Marie, the city's oldest mussel restaurant.  Here I also chose to have some mussel soup (which was quite good although a bit on the salty side) and some mussels in white wine and onions, which is a more French style way to make the mussels.

For dinner, I stopped at Pe peroni, a restaurant also in the Aldtstadt area. The indoor decorations were certainly quite interesting - I particularly liked the modem galleon.

Started with a salad and had the ham hocks (or as its known in German, "haxe"). The style here was quite interesting as most places make it so the ham is still tender and juicy whereas this was rather crispy on the outside. This was served with a generous portion of sauerkraut which I'm unfortunately not a huge fan of.

The second plate was beef with onions and black pepper served with scalloped potatoes. With these types of meals in Germany, I wouldn't mind staying longer, especially with those mussels, sausages and fischsuppe.

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