Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bellagio, Buffet & Sensi

Likely the most well-known casino on the Strip is the Bellagio, home of the gorgeous fountains. As you  in through the front, you'll encounter a very unique ceiling of colored umbrellas attached to the front foyer like a bunch of helium balloons.

Heading straight ahead is the observatory where a giant Thanksgiving harvest exhibit was set up. At the very front are two horses staring ahead while a couple admires a scarecrow below next to a giant cornucopia.

A large water wheel next to a water mill is erected next to a large garden filled with a colorful variety of plants and flowers.

A glowing obelisk stands at the west exit of the observatory where one can then continue onwards to the Vdara.

Along the corridor to the Vdara are a number of shops, including Jean Phillipe's Pattisserie. The store has a large variety of chocolates and pastries and displays a rather unique chocolate waterfall.

The dazzling display of the water fountains in front of the Bellagio are world renown and well worth stopping by to enjoy. Each show is about ten minutes long and set to a musical selection. With the lights of the Strip behind it, the ever changing fountain performances will definitely leave you with great memories.

Known for having one of the best (and most expensive) buffets on the Strip, the Bellagio certainly didn't disappoint. I filled up on so many succulent snow crab legs that I probably won't feel an urge for any more for at least a year. Their selection is quite large and you can probably find something here for you no matter what your taste. However, do keep in mind that the wait is quite long, as I still had to wait for over an hour before I got in, and this was not even during mealtimes!

The Bellagio Sensi was classy looking restaurant within the Bellagio located along the long walkway between the Bellagio and the Vdara. The general atmosphere looked quite upscale with nice ambient lighting.

Instead of regular bread, we got naan bread which was served warm with a number of different and highly flavorful sauces. Unfortunately half the bread was burnt so ended up just eating half the serving.

We had ordered the pad thai with a crunch roll which ended up costing a hefty $45 after tax. Although the food was excellent, I didn't feel like we were really getting value for the meal at such exhorbitant prices for such small portions, even with the nice atmosphere. However, since this was part of the American Express Small Business Saturday promotion (where you get $25 off spending at a small business), this didn't end up being too bad.

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