Thursday, March 15, 2012

Churches in the Krakow Old Town Square

I had to make a separate post for this as Krakow has some of the most gorgeous churches I've seen in Europe. Starting with St Mary's Basilica in the main old town square, which has architecture which is quite reminiscent of some of the buildings I've seen in the Prague Old Town Square.

The Church of St Adalbert stands off to the side alone, slightly south of Sukiennice Hall. This small church with a unique dome is the venue for many evening musical events. However, I'd be slightly cautious about going to musical events here in the main square as the quality may vary (I went to a slightly disappointing evening piano recital).

A shot of some of the building facades in the vicinity of the Old Town Square.

As we passed by on the first evening, we come again to the Church of St Peter and Paul, who's exterior is rather unique, unlike the Gothic style churches found in Western Europe. The church is really quite beautiful with numerous gold-plated artefacts adorning the walls and ceilings.  I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves:

An outdoor shot of the Church of St Peter and Paul on the left next to the St Andrew's Church.

Probably the most beautiful church, IMO, in the area is the Church of St Barbara, hidden away behind St Mary's Basilica. Although most of the exterior looks rather unremarkable for a church, its triangular facade is quite unique and the dual doorway arches are beautifully constructed (its too bad I didn't take some more closeups).

The interior is very richly decorated, reminiscent of some of the churches in Venice.

The ceiling frescoes are vividly decorated as well with many gold plated artefacts located throughout.

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