Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dinner at Jadetkol

After a long day walking through Wawel Castle, we decided to go to a traditional Polish restaurant by the name of Jadetkol for dinner.

The restaurant had a very unique atmosphere, resembling a sort of wine cellar with nice ambient lighting and a beautiful sketch of the city of Krakow on the wall. We were there a bit early for dinner as we were planning on heading to a concert at 7 later in the evening so there were plenty of tables available.

We started off with a warm and delicious chicken vegetable noodle soup which was quite soothing on a chill autumn day.

Next was a glazed chicken dish with some cranberry sauce. It was quite delicious although the serving size was pretty small.

Duck also served with a side of bean sprouts.

Some pork and potatoes to wrap up the meal before heading off to an evening of music.

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