Monday, March 12, 2012

Pod Wawelem

It wasn't without reason that we had wandered all the way down to the vicinity of Wawel Castle after a hop from Dortmund to Krakow. While most restaurants are almost closed, Pod Wawelem was recommended to us by our hotel as it stays open late and offers nice large quantities of authentic Polish fare.

I was quite taken in by the unique curved roof of the establishment with the dimmer lighting and chandeliers giving the place a very warm, homey feel.

At this point, I was pretty much starving but since I had to wait for the food anyway, why not take a few more pictures?

We got several huge chunks of pickles for starters with sauerkraut as appetizers. I was most amused to find a small bottle of Maggi soy sauce here!

If I remember correctly, we had ordered a hearty mushroom soup of some sort along with a fish and vegetables with sides.

The restaurant also specializes in huge wooden plates full of meat so if you're in the mood for lots of meat, you'll be right at home. To finish off the meal, there's a small glass of red sparkling cider in case you're not in the mood for wine. Bon appetit!

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