Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday in Düsseldorf's Aldstadt

After taking an awesome first look at the Altstadt, the next day was Sunday in Düsseldorf and it got off to a great start with some beautiful blue skies. We headed near the Schadow Arkaden area, which is a large and famous shopping mall in Düsseldorf, which was unfortunately closed on Sunday. However, we did happen to catch a marathon going around the area that day.

As we headed into the business district, I passed by a statue of the famous Otto von Bismarck, Chancellor of Germany/Prussia in the late 1800s.

Along the Stadtgraben stream next to the Konigsallee are some interesting statues such as this of what I suspect is Neptune/Poseidon:

An amusing work of art standing boldly in the streets of Düsseldorf:

Stopped by for a break at a unique coffeehouse with some stylistic decorations and coffee served in a bowl!

Took some black and white shots of some of the buildings as it certainly seemed to give it a bit more of a rustic charm.

Marktplatz square with a statue of Elector Palatine Johann Wilhelm II shown in front of the interesting Renaissance style Town Hall.

In Europe, Sundays are quite interesting as pretty much all stores/shops are closed and fairs/events generally descend upon the cities. As we saw earlier, there was an international marathon taking place early in the morning and in the late afternoon here along the banks of the Rhine river, a large outdoor market was set up, selling all sorts of fruits, vegetables, seafood, cheeses and all sorts of snacks.

A shot of the Düsseldorf skyline from the boardwalk and another evening picture of Markplatz Square.

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