Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Walk through Wawel Castle

Lunch at Pod Wawalem was delicious aside from the sauerkraut. For some reason, sauerkraut doesnt sit well with my stomach =( In any case, the sausage, soup and cabbages were delectable.

We had purchased tickets earlier for a tour of the inside of Wawel Castle and as our appointed tour time approached, we headed back. As a note, there are a limited number of tours offered each day so get there early! On the way back, we saw a couple posing for some wedding photos.

Another shot of one of the towers of the castle and the outer courtyard.

Some of the artifacts displayed inside including this vase and beautifully decorated plate.

Tapestries were highly prized in Poland. Here is one of those intricate tapestries on display. On the right is an ornate wood cabinet and a bedpost and carved, stone doorway are shown below.

A few more of those wonderful tapestries; it literally took years to create one of these masterpieces which were highly treasured.

The ceilings here were rather unique with tiled golden decorations adorning the roof.

The neat paintings on the top part of the wall also depict various historical battles and scenes.

Even more unique than the previous ceiling was this one, filled with faces looking down at the occupants of the room. Seemed a little freaky to me though!

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