Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wawel Royal Apartments and State Rooms

A few more beautifully crafted tapestries depicting various stories are seen throughout Wawel Castle.

A lavish, frescoed ceiling plated with gold looks down on one of the rooms while a very lavish, ornate chandelier hangs over another.

A painting hangs on one of the rooms while a magnificently crafted cabinet stands on the right. I've rarely seen a cabinet look quite so stunning and unique.

A few more pictures of the study. Everything is painstakingly decorated and intricately carved, from the tables and chairs to the lamps on the walls. While this castle doesn't quite have the augustness of say Versailles or Schonbrunn, it feels like a place of such tradition and authenticity that it gives one a warm and intimate feeling.

The throne room looks magnificent especially with the light from the golden chandeliers and lanterns bathing the room in a soft golden glow. The addition of the giant tapestries on the wall really gives a sense of history, atmosphere and grandeur to the place.

A city view of Krakow from the windows of the castle.

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