Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last Day in Krakow

It was with some mixed feelings as we got to our last day in Krakow. The former Polish capital was one of the more fascinating European cities I've been to and I had definitely enjoyed my stay but I was also hyped for Budapest which was next on the list. We began the day with another round of pierogies and delicious cabbage rolls.

We wandered around one more time around the Old Town area and just wandered around looking at various monuments and took in some more views here and there.

Here, we started heading back north towards St Florian's gate. This street, Florianska, generally seemed to have more activity than others and perhaps that was due to it having more stores open than others which seemed more residential in nature. The various flags that were put up every so often also gave the street a more festive and international flavor.

A close up shot of St Florian's Gate and an impromptu art gallery is set along the walls.

Here, we finally reached the famed Barbican of Krakow, the outer fortification/gateway into the old town.

This is closely situated to the actual walls an fortifications of the city seen here.

Before heading to the train station to take the night train to Budapest, we headed back to the hotel to grab our luggage and found a place to eat.

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