Saturday, May 19, 2012

Last Dinner in Krakow

Although it was our last meal in Krakow before departing, it was definitely one of the best I had in the city. The name of the place, if I recall correctly, was Wieczorki Gitatowe and came highly recommended by other travellers. They've got a really nice atmosphere with lots of rustic, homely decorations that definitely exuded a lot of charm. Seating was very much cafeteria/beer hall style although the tables definitely felt very sturdy and not cheap.

A fish tank stood at the middle of the restaurant, brightly lit, giving the place a nice central attraction and a very homely feel.

For starters we ordered a local beer and two Coca Colas in those original bottoms that I haven't seen in ages!

It wasn't too long of a wait before the porkchop, grilled ham and beefsteak we had ordered came to the table. Everything was very nicely prepared and had a very appetizing look to it that I barely had time to snap these pictures before we started eating away.

Each of the dishes tasted absolutely delicious and I only wish I had discovered this restaurant earlier because there was no way we wouldn't have come back after such a great first impression. For dessert, we finished off with some apple pancake with cinnamon. This was quite the interesting dish as it was essentially a delectable apple pie with sugar and cinnamon on top. Sweet way to end of our trip to Krakow!

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