Monday, May 21, 2012

Lunch in Granada

If you plan on doing a day trip from Sevilla to Granada, be sure to leave plenty of time in the morning and the evening. While there are trains running between the two cities, trains typically take about the same amount of time as the buses which are often cheaper. We ended up taking the bus which set us back 36 euros each for a return journey.

Once you get to the bus station in Granada, you can ask around at the information desk for more information about places to explore - but if you're here to see the Alhambra, you'll need to take another bus, which stops right outside the bus station, into the city center to get to the palace. Each bus ticket was pretty cheap at 1.2 euros each.

Once we got into the city center, there was still some time before our scheduled visit to the famed Alhambra so we did some walking around near the city center. There was actually plenty to see as we wandered into a building that was part of a university I believe.

We got a nice preview of the Alhambra in this gorgeous chamber, exhibiting the spectacular honeycomb architecture also seen in the Alhambra palace complex.

The dome here was smaller and less grandiose than the one in the Alhambra but nevertheless was quite extravagant.

This was the main market square where numerous shops and restaurants can be found. We were really quite lucky to visit on this gorgeous morning as the weather was just beautiful with sunny skies and a nice breeze kept us cool throughout most of the day.

At this point, after that long three hour bus ride, we decided to stop for some lunch. Given that this was Granada, you'll pretty much find that most things are named Alhambra (after the palace complex) and this cafe was no different. We decided to have some lunch outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

We had one of the combos which was a little bit of a mixed bag. First up was the spaghetti which wasn't too impressive and felt rather plain with just two pieces of meat and some tomato sauce. The chilled gazpacho was decent although I've certainly had better in other places.

Same thing for the seafood paella, which didn't have too much seafood and was rather small. I still preferred the one in Barcelona more. So we were pretty glad to see the pizza which filled us back up.

Two sweet half peaches and a cup of coffee wrapped up our lunch in Granada.

On the way back to the bus station to head to the Alhambra, we passed by a number of stores selling various souvenirs and clothing and I got a little caught up with these cute miniatures.

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