Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rodeo Drive

Among the more famous streets of Beverly Hills is Rodeo Drive, where you can find numerous designer label stores and haute couture boutiques. Among them, you can also find a few gems like these anti-aging clinics and plastic surgery offices if you're so inclined.

Some shots of some of the stores along Rodeo Drive along with the numerous tourists everywhere. Leave yourself about an hour if you're here to do some window shopping and taking pictures.

The intersection of Rodeo Drive, Dayton Way and Via Rodeo

The Via Rodeo section, which highly resembles a Hollywood movie set (after all, we're in LA, the Entertainment Capital of the World), is a great place for photos.

Via Rodeo ends here where you can dine at two restaurants at the top of the stairs and do some people watching outside.

As for parking, there is free parking in some public lots on the adjacent streets like Santa Monica Blvd as well as metered parking on Rodeo Dr itself so no worries there.

And most important of all, if you're looking for a bathroom, the Rodeo Collection complex, which has a rather understated entrance from Rodeo Drive, has a few on its lower levels.

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