Sunday, May 13, 2012

Underground lakes at Wieliczka

The Weimar room was definitely one of the highlights of the tour. This famous cavern has been visited by many a noted figured including Frederic Chopin, Nicolaus Copernicus, Bill Clinton and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, author of Faust and one of the more famous visitors to the mine. A sculpture made to his likeness is seen here.

Here you can see some of the crystallized salt near the bottom of the pool. There's a 2-3 minute light show which highlights various parts of the chamber for visitors while set to some of Chopin's music. The effect is quite remarkable as the echoes and lighting almost make you feel as though you're in the middle of an adventure until you get brought back to reality by the sound of other visitors and your guide.

Moving along, this was one of the reception rooms reserved for holding private parties/ receptions. They certainly have very interesting sculptures

One of the last chambers we visited before returning back to the surface was a second underground reservoir. While you're here, do take a minute to take in the dark, reflection pool which really gave off a crisp, serene feeling.

This was pretty much the last stop before you get to the souvenir shop and exit so take one good last look!

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