Thursday, May 10, 2012

Westin LAX

The Westin Los Angeles Airport is conveniently located on West Century Blvd straight east right outside of LAX airport. This was a great deal when I stayed as a category 2 hotel but its now gone up to a Starwood category 4 hotel, which I think is a poor use of points.

If you arrived by car, be prepared to fork over a wad of money for parking. It didn't used to be this way even a few years ago but it seems like most hotels are now adding parking fees to supplement their revenue. As you enter to the front entrance, you are greeted by a cavernous, immaculate lobby with a comfortable waiting area where you can watch the cars pick up and drop off passengers while enjoying the setting sun.

Here's the check-in area off to the side and the waiting area for the elevators.

 The room itself looked quite basic and was devoid of too many extraneous decorations, containing a simple,  comfortable-looking and large king-sized bed.

Off to the side was a nice, soft chaise although it did lead me to wonder how often the sofa covers are cleaned.

The lighting overall was was rather dim as the lamps were the only source of light in the room and unless you opened up the curtains, the room was quite dark.

I didn't get a chance to use it on this trip to but the Westin Workout gym looked a little more cramped than usual.

And it definitely would've been nice to enjoy the swimming pool during the day to soak in the California sun but maybe that'll have to wait until next time.

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