Friday, July 27, 2012

Couple of Fantasy Review (2006)

Drama Rating: ****
Personal Rating: All time favorite!!

Couple of Fantasy (also known as Couple or Trouble and Fantasy Couple) is a hilarious romantic comedy based on the 1987 movie Overboard about the rich, controlling and difficult to please Anna Jo who happens to lose her memory after falling overboard from her yacht. Jang Chul Soo, a local handyman who happened to have a few spats with her before the incident is left to care for her while her husband Billy is left to deal with the sudden disappearance of his wife.

*Spoiler warning*

Unquestionably one of the funniest dramas I've ever watched, this humorous romantic comedy offers plenty of laughs until your stomach hurts. Characters are somewhat exaggerrated and cartoonish yet rooted in reality, so that various comedic situations and coincidences relate well to people and easily click with the audience. While the storyline does have minor plot holes (eg. how can Yu Kyeong not suspect problems with her fiance so close to the marriage?), these minor transgressions can be overlooked by the light, remarkably easy-to-digest story threads and the humor that simmers throughout.

Han Ye Seul is probably the drama's main draw, playing the overly difficult heiress Anna Jo. Although her acting was a bit over the top, it suited the dramas character rather well and was clearly the biggest draw of the show. Oh Ji Ho manages well as the hunky Jang Chul Soo whom Anna Jo/Na Sang Shil gradually falls for. His easygoing demeanor and sense of righteousness and decency contrasted nicely to Anna Jo's petulant behavior. Kim Sung Min, who plays her husband Billy, was amusing enough 
The extended cast, especially Jung Soo Young's Kang Ja and Kim Kwang Kyu's Gong Shil Jang, left a strong impression as well with very comedic performances that greatly enhanced the entertainment value of the series.

The series sticks to a couple of pieces that quickly become very familiar as they reappear again and again to represent various people, events and feelings to create a very unified feel throughout. There is certainly overuse of some of these themes, which if replaced by some other pieces would have added variety to the mix. Overall though, the soundtrack was well written and definitely suited the drama's humorous tone.

Few dramas focus so heavily on comedy and even fewer do it well and keep it up for so long, but Fantasy Couple definitely shines as one of the select few drama that accomplish this. The dialogue is witty and fun while well-thought-out storylines make the script enticing and relevant. But despite its overly comedic nature, this drama handles romantic developments and character portrayals with ease as well. No doubt, this is truly one of the best romantic comedies I've seen in the truest sense of the term!

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