Sunday, July 8, 2012

Lunch in Cordoba

After an amazing experience in Granada, the next day was another day trip from Sevilla to Cordoba. This time out focus was the famed Mezquita of Cordoba. Before we got there however, lunch came first!

There was a large choice of tapas so we settled on the Andalusian spinach (not a bad choice but a tad pricey at almost 5 euros),

some sort of squid if i recall correctly,

ham (otherwise known as jamon and takes a little getting used to as its quite tough to chew and definitely would taste better with some bread)

fried squid (which was rather unremarkable),

and a plate of paella (I still think the one in Barcelona tasted better).

Certainly not the best of lunches (and certainly not filling) but it was enough to refuel for the next little while.

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