Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mezquita - Cathedral of the Lady of the Assumption

The stunning views of the Mezquita continue as you progress into the inner section of the mosque where the Renaissance-styled Cathedral of Cordoba rises out in the middle of the Islamic prayer hall.

In the sections of the halls near the central cathedral, the hallways and pillars are somewhat different from the previous designs seen throughout the rest of the monument. The familiar red and white arches are still in place but the ceilings are decidedly more Western European than Islamic.

Here is an example of how some of the original red/white arches were intermingled with the more Catholic designs with the figurines and carvings above the door shown here:

The frescoes and arches here are much more colorful and have a very ornate feel as compared to the more simple lines of the outer hall.

The Renaissance high altar of the cathedral is shown here and by just looking at the following pictures, I doubt anyone would have even thought this was built right in the center of an Islamic prayer hall.

Replete with choir stalls..

Just as proof that the cathedral actually resides within the Mezquita monument, here, you can see the familiar red and white arches that fill most of the interior.

This insertion of a Christian-Catholic Cathedral into the Great Mosque certainly was quite an eye-opener and gives one an interesting view into the rich and varied rich history of, not only the monument, but of the entire region. This is certainly a sight not to be missed if you ever stop by Cordoba!

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