Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Nasrid Palace & the Gardens of the Alhambra

Granada has a gorgeous landscape as you look over the city from the Alhamba. Cypress trees dot the landscape in between the numerous buildings that cover the city. And with the cool, fresh breeze under beautiful blue skies, it was the perfect day to explore one of the most beautiful historic sites in the world!

Here's some more of the skylights allowing light into another section of the palace similar to the one here leading to more baths within the complex.

A photographer trying to get a shot of the beautiful ceiling below:

Here, you can see the gorgeous and intricate honeycomb structure that the photographer above was capturing. This was definitely one of the most eye-opening features of the entire palace and perhaps in all of Spain. This beautiful ceiling/dome alone makes the entire trip to Granada worth your while.

Arabic writing with tesselations underneath:

Another peek at other parts of the palace.

Just outside the Court of the Lions. Unfortunately, they were doing renovations here so couldn't really get any good shots. In any case, the famous Fountain of the Lions, which is currently thought to be nearly a millenia old, has been moved indoors for preservation and restoration although it is still accessible to the public.

The pillars and arches use the same arabeque designs as honeycombed ceiling earlier and the multiple layers of closely spaced pillars was a rather unique feature of the palace.

A view from the outdoor gardens of the palace:

The portico and pool of the early 14th century Partal and another shot of the gardens below:

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