Monday, August 6, 2012

Crowne Plaza Times Square

Located about 3-4 blocks away from Times Square is the classy and modern Crowne Plaza Times Square hotel. The lounge and atrium area are quite spacious and roomy.

A picture of the check-in area:

The lobby has a very lounge-ish type of feel to it where one can just sit and have a cup of coffee while reading a book or play with their tablet.

We got a room on the 44th floor which gave us a semi-decent view of the cityline (although it was blocked by a number of other skyscrapers). The room decor was fairly modern and new although it did feel a bit smaller (likely as we were in NYC, a pretty dense area).

The hotel also provided a comfortable set of bathrobes and a small amenity kit.

The washroom was brightly lit and had a very modern, stylish feel:

Here's the view from the window. Unfortunately, phone coverage is pretty spotty at this floor and you'll be lucky to get a signal if you're sitting right next to the window. NYC is also fairly loud, especially as we were near Times Square, although this was likely already better given we were so high up. I'm sure it would have been a lot worse closer to ground floor.

Sweet! Nice and comfy Crowne Plaza slippers!

The lobby on the second floor is quite comfortable to sit back and have a drink as you watch people walk by on the street below. Across the hotel are numerous billboards and ads that will leave you in no doubt as to which city you're in.

As we had Platinum status with Priority Club, we had access to the Concierge Lounge a few floors above ours which had a decent view of other surrounding skyscrapers.

Breakfast was a rather busy affair as there were lots of people in the lounge so even finding a table and chair required some patience. Given the large number of people, the lounge ended up feeling more like an upscale cafeteria.

Our breakfast of croissants, deli meats, cereal, assorted fruits and orange juice. The continental breakfast selection wasn't bad but it would definitely have been nice if they had a little more room.

Overall, our stay in the hotel was quite pleasant and the central location was really unbeatable as we were just a few minutes walk away from Times Square. We had claimed 45k PC points at the time for a room here (which was an awesome deal) but I know they've raised the redemption rates now to 35k PC points. Given that, I would probably look at trying out some other hotels in the area with Hilton or Hyatt the next time I visit.

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