Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Starwood 100k Points & Broadway Show Sweepstakes

Its about time for another sweepstakes from Starwood and it's a big one.  A total of 100,000 SPG Starpoints plus a pair of tickets to a Broadway show in NYC (Pick one from Annie, Newsies, Once or Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark)!  That's enough to get you several nights at Starwood's top Category 7 hotels or could be transferred to become 125,000 airline miles which you could pretty much use to fly business class to Europe or Asia!  Register here for your chance to win.  Once you've registered, you can earn additional entries by participating in a series of other Theater Trivia questions below.

In addition the extra entries, note that these only net you Audience Rewards ShowPoints and don't earn you any SPG points.  Good luck to everyone!

Q: What does it mean if someone has a “hard-knock” life?
A: they have a difficult life

Q: What is a “foundling”?
A: a child who has been found after being left by its parents

Q: Who says, “And you’ll get down on your knobby little knees and clean this dump until it shines like the top of the Chrysler Building”?
A: Miss Hannigan

Q: Who says, “His name? His name is…Sandy. Right, that’s it, Sandy. I call him Sandy, you see, because of his nice sandy color.”
A: Annie

Q: Who says, “If it’s beauty products you’re peddling, I don’t need any. Get out.”
A: Miss Hannigan

Q: Who says, “Crummy orphan livin’ in the lap of luxury. It ain’t fair.”
A: Lily St. Regis

Q: What were “breadlines” in the 1930s?
A: lines people stood in to get free food

Q: What does it mean to be “living in clover”?
A: Living well

Q: What does it mean if someone got their knuckles “rapped”?
A: They were hit on the knuckles

Q: What is a “Dapper Dan”?
A: someone who dresses nicely

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