Friday, October 12, 2012

Westin St Francis San Francisco

The historic Westin St Francis is one of the more prolific and storied hotels in San Francisco and it was a pleasure for us to be able to stay at this gorgeous Starwood Category 5 property.  Located in the heart of the city right in Union Square, the hotel boasts a majestic historic lobby in the Landmark Building where stands an extraordinary Viennese Magneta grandfather clock.

Below is the main entrance from Union Square, which empties into the grand lobby above.

Once you're inside, you'll need to walk through the hallways to get to the Tower Building where the check-in counter is located on the left side of the picture below in the tower atrium area. Elevators are located in hallway in the pictures shown below on the right (if you're staying in the Tower Building).  You'll have to make your way back to the Landmark Building if you're staying on that side of the hotel.

The elevators that take you up to your room in the Tower Building are pretty sweet as they're installing a nifty system that allows you to select which floor you want to go to and it'll tell you which elevator to take.  The elevator then takes you on a vertical journey during which you'll get an awesome view of the city and especially down onto Union Square (where Oracle has clearly marked its name for the Oracle World convention).

The grand tower deluxe room was pretty nice with two double beds, a great window that curves outwards, giving you a mini-observation deck to look out over the city

The coffee machine and snack area is tastefully lit and the fridge is well furnished with all sorts of drinks.

The bathroom was well lit and seemed newly renovated with the double shower heads providing a very pleasant bathing experience.

Back on the mezzanine level, I don't usually poke my nose into meeting and convention spaces but I happened to pass by these rooms while the door was open for setup and these rooms looking pretty spanking good.  Below are the Colonial Ballroom and Italian Ballrooms respectively, both located on the Landmark side.  This would definitely be a pretty sweet location for a wedding!

Overall, the stay at the Westin St Francis was superb (especially the location) and if you have some time, do take a chance to walk around this historic hotel which has hosted such guests as Queen Elizabeth II, several US Presidents and Emperor Hirohito of Japan, to name just a few of its luminous guests.

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