Monday, January 28, 2013

Hilton Tokyo Executive Lounge Breakfast

I just had to do another piece on the Hilton Tokyo's executive lounge breakfast as it was really quite an nice experience. As mentioned, the executive lounge is only opening to those residing on the executive floors although they seemed to be a bit lax on the checks. In any case, the lounge had your typical assortment of western items such as scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon and there was actually a nice international variety of stuff like siu mai and stir-fried noodles.

To add to that, they also had a nice assortment of Japanese-style breakfast items such as tamago (egg), miso soup, aji (dried horse mackerel), salted fish and pickled vegetables.

The next thing I tried was the Meiji yogurt which was rather interesting as it had a striking initial sour taste which, after some initial getting used to, tastes quite decent. The one beside it though, which appears to be a home-made or handmade version of it, was a bit too much to take all in one sitting - you're most welcome to give it a try though!

One other comment on my initial plate was that the fish off to the right has a very strong fishy smell to it so just a warning to stay away if you're not used to that either!

I was really lucky on one of the days we were here as we were able to see a nice, clear view of Mount Fuji off in the distance. I guess it does pay to visit in winter!

For seconds, I decided to be a little adventurous and got a little cup of natto (fermented soybeans). I'm still unsure why this is so popular here but suffice it to say, you might want to give this a pass. I guess I should have learnt my lesson after the yogurt but that almost pales in comparison to this experience which really does take some getting used to!

After that experiment gone wrong, I stuck to the tried and true, sampling only stuff I knew, like tofu, fried noodles, vegetables and egg.

They also had a decent selection of breads and fruits to round off the meal in case you're still hungry.

And with that, I'll leave you to enjoy a beautiful morning in Tokyo with a view of Mt Fuji!

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