Saturday, June 1, 2013

New United Club at Seattle International Airport

Last week, I had a chance to visit the new United Club lounge in Seattle International Airport (using those complimentary one-day passes from the Chase United card) for a 4-hour layover. Although this was my first time to an airline club lounge, my expectations weren't high as this was a US lounge so I wasn't expecting too much.

My initial impressions were not great heading to the lounge as it is located near gate A9 which was a decent walk even from the center of the terminal. It would have been much more convenient for passengers had they found a more central location in the airport (say near A1 for instance) as the airport has very few moving walkways or trains linking one end of the airport to the other.

The receptionist quickly checked us in and I took a picture of some of the meetings rooms located off to the side immediately as you walk in. The bright, clean look reminded me of a new office building which looked rather suitable for those who might need to make use of one of these.

Thankfully though, the lounge interior was not as business-like, with some nice lamps and a variety of chairs, tables and sofas for use. There were also plenty of power outlets all around including some that popped out of the center of the table which was rather nice (although there were not too many people that afternoon so there was no need to use it).

The bar area serves a variety of drinks although cocktails generally were not free. Red and white wines are complimentary. I would like to point out that the bathroom in the lounge is rather small for a space of this size   as it is almost certain to create line-ups if the lounge was to fill up. There were also no showers available at this location with no sign that any would be put up later.

The food spread was unsurprisingly bare-bones, with crackers/biscuits, yogourt, carrots, cheese and apples making up the bulk of the food. It would have been nice if they had something hot and more substantial but from what I hear, this is pretty standard for the US.

The staff is quite attentive and does continually come around to make sure the tables are cleaned off which was rather nice as I was building up quite a pile of opened biscuit trash :) Here's a picture of the view out one side of the lounge:

Has anyone else had a chance to visit this lounge yet? If so, what did you think?

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