Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Only You Review (2011)

Drama Rating: ***
Personal Rating: Loved it!

Mandy, a boisterous and outgoing woman, aims to be a wedding planner after she's let go from her previous company. Only You is a wedding photography shop run by Sze-Chai and his wife Phoebe. Sze-Chai's sister Sze-Tim works as the resident traditional Chinese wedding expert and Summer works as the head photographer for the shop. Fate brings Mandy and Sze-Tim together and eventually Mandy ends up working for Only You. How will she fit in and what changes will it bring to her life?

*Spoiler warning*

This drama begins with a light, humorous tone that pervades throughout the series. The various story arcs are well thought out and often parody common, everyday situations/conflicts. The implicit social commentary was done in good humor and made for some great viewing. Impressively, the wide range of stories was unexpectedly entertaining and shed light on different cultures and lifestyles. Overall, the writing is as good as I've seen for a HK drama.

Starring a seasoned cast (anyone notice the huge list of Forensic Heroes alumni?), the drama got off to a great start with solid performances by many of the actors. Yoyo Mung and Kevin Cheng, this time paired together after their stint on Forensic Heroes II, make a decent pairing although I felt they were slightly outshone by the humorous Evergreen Mak and Crystal Tin, who felt like a solid anchor for the series and the shop. The rest of the supporting cast did a decent job to keep the series entertaining especially as many of the storylines rotated around the different characters.

The soundtrack for this drama in many places sounded very Disney-inspired. Themes are lighthearted and generally fun to listen to as an accompaniment to the series without getting over the top. While nothing really stood out, this soundtrack certainly served its purpose as a light accompaniment.

This was certainly not a bad HK drama at all. Societal issues dealing with marriage are addressed fairly directly and creatively through the various story threads and arches and there is plenty of good humor spread throughout. Despite the lack of any real tension (particularly when you know that everything will ultimately resolve nicely), this made for a very enjoyable watching experience.

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