Monday, March 9, 2015

Marriage Not Dating Review (2014)

Drama Rating: *****
Personal Rating: Loved it!

Gong Ki Tae, a plastic surgeon, is constantly pestered by his mother to get married.  To obstruct her plans, he happens to meet Joo Jang Mi and manages to convince her to pose as his girlfriend/fiancee.  How successful will they be at deceiving his friends and family?

*Spoiler warning*

Screenwriting: A-

Wonderful storytelling with well thought out scenes.  The pacing, timing and resolution of critical plot milestones were nicely done.  Aside from minor things here and there, this was a very entertaining script!

Han Groo as Joo Jang Mi: A-
Yun Woo Jin as Gong Ki Tae: B+ (Only because his character wasn't as challenging to play)
Jung Jin Woon as Han Yeo Reum: C (Again, his was not a very complex character)
Han Sun Hwa as Kang Se Ah: B-
Huh Jung Min as Lee Hoon Dong: B+
Kim Hae Sook as Shin Bong Hyang: A-

Han Groo & Yun Woo Jin chemistry: A-
Overall cast chemistry: A

A very strong overall cast performance!  I could almost say that the leads were a match made in heaven with a superb supporting team.  Everyone convincingly brought their characters to life though Han Groo and Kim Hae Sook deserve special mention for their respective portrayals.


Comedic and light, perfect for the job.

An unabashedly humorous, charming and comedic drama!  Things are kept fairly simple and straightforward which in this case works out wonderfully since there was no need for overcomplications.  There is a good balance of seriousness and humor spread throughout and the cast very naturally brought the script to life.  Great team effort!

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