Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas (Noël) à Montréal

Been out in Montréal and Quebec City for the last few days for Christmas =)  It was freezing out there but got some nice, night shots =).  I'll keep this post nice and short!

Here's the Montreal City Hall (Hôtel de ville) and it nice, plump and colourful Christmas trees.

The gates in front of the Musée du Château Ramezay just across the street with some nice snowflake decorations and Christmas wreaths

Walking over a little further east is the Place Jacques Cartier named for the French explorer who first claimed the land that is now known as Canada for France in the 1500s.  Here, we see some of the old buildings of Old Montreal and a large number of brightly lit Christmas trees.

I was a bit mystified to find that this wasn't a column with a statue of Jacques Cartier but one of Admiral Horatio Nelson, put up by English merchants.  This seemed quite odd given that Montreal is in the province of French-speaking Quebec and Nelson was one of Britain's more famous admirals.  Odd....

Some Christmas trees put up here just across the street of Rue Notre Dame, opposite the Nelson Column, in Place Vaquelin.

At this point, I was almost frozen, so I took a quick snapshot of some of the shops in old Montreal before heading back to my hotel, the Fairfield Inn Montreal Airport by Marriott.

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  1. These are very beautiful shots, thanks for posting. Just looking for images of Montreal as I'm deciding whether to visit there for a holiday and these came up. Really atmospheric.