Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fairfield Inn Montreal Airport

Enroute to Quebec City, Montreal seemed like a good place to stop and rest up before continuing the journey on eastwards.  There were a number of choices for hotels as I had some points in the Starwood, Hilton and Marriott programs saved up but the Fairfield Inn Montreal Airport ended up being the pick due to its having the lowest point redemption (10k points/night) for a quick overnight stay and including complimentary continental breakfast (with a hot item) the next morning (no need to be Marriott Gold).

The hotel was actually quite a bit better than I had expected; the staff was extremely courteous and welcoming, speaking both French and English in welcoming you to their hotel and they really do seem to want to go out of their way to make sure you have a pleasant stay.  The only minor gripe I have about it is the difficulty of finding the place (I'd suggest you come with a GPS, otherwise you'll be lost spinning around in this Trudeau Montreal Airport hotel maze for a while =P) and as if getting there by car wasn't made bad enough by its location, you get rewarded with a $9 + tax parking charge after you finally find your way there!

 The lobby/lounge was actually pretty spiffy considering this was only a category 2 (of 8 Marriott categories) hotel.  Nice fireplace and stylish decorations.  The Napa lounge below also doubles as the breakfast room.

I got a simple room with two double beds, nothing fancy - the room was pretty well-lit and welcoming. I especially liked the stylish plants they keep around this hotel.

I wasn't expecting too much for continental breakfast and again, this hotel exceeded my expectations with a large variety of items.  There were the typical several types of cereal, muffins, yogourt, orange/apple juice, milk and they even had hard boiled eggs.

The kick was that they also had two interesting 'hot' items available as well.  The quesadilla (which you microwave yourself for 45 seconds) and the Jimmy Dean bagel sandwich (which you also microwave yourself), certainly a bit more than I had expected from an airport hotel.

The hotel also had a small swimming pool which looked like it could use some cleaning and a small gym which could have used a bit more ventilation. But overall, the stay was quite pleasant and I definitely wouldn't mind staying here again the next time I'm near Montreal Airport.

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