Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vieux Quebec

After wandering around Les Promenades and the boardwalk near the Chateau for a little bit, I decided to head down into Vieux Quebec (old town).  If you are driving by car, you can head down a curving, winding street just off of Rue Port Dauphin (just continuing from Rue du Fort).  There are a few parking spots on the short drive down so you can park there.  You can also walk down or the other way to get down easily would be to take funicular from the boardwalk next to the Chateau.

Here, from the curved, sloping street, you can get a nice view of the Chateau.  Looking down the stairs, you get a spectacular view of part of old town, beautifully lit with Christmas decorations all over.  This particular street is Rue du Petit Champlain which actually continues for quite a bit before reaching the main streets.

There were plenty of little shops opened that day and you can certainly take some time to walk through those along that path.  I took a brief shortcut through one of the alleys to get back onto Rue du Marche Champlain and headed back northwards to get back into the other streets of Old Quebec.

Here, I headed up until I got to Rue Notre Dame before turning in. On the left, you see beautiful Christmas decorations with the funicular in the background in the picture on the right.

The building on the left below is the Notre Dame des Victoires. Three carolers were singing Christmas songs in front of the church, giving the square a very warm and cheerful atmosphere. On the right is a building wall mural of one of the many city gates.

One last glimpse of the old town and of the chateau from a distance:

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