Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quebec @ Night

Grabbed some night shots of Quebec as I was leaving the city.  Here is the restaurant 1640 I had lunch at earlier on in the day.

A view of one of the city gates with the Hilton Quebec in the background.

A snow covered fountain at the National Assembly with a christmas tree and the Chateau faintly in the background.

A neatly lit ferris wheel I saw on one of the streets as I was departing the downtown area.

A gigantic lighted snowflake hanging above Rue Saint Joseph next to the L'Église St Roch.

A giant Christmas tree at the Parc de L'université du Québec.  In the evening, the lights give way to expose the tree as a cone-like building complete with drummers and dancers inside, providing a very unique experience.

L'Église St Roch, where a crowd is gathered for the light show on the church's main facade.

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