Monday, February 6, 2012

KBS Studio

Aside from the outdoor KBS studio in Suwon City, KBS has another studio/museum open to the public in Seoul in Yeongdeungpo. I had taken the metro to Yeouido station and little did I know how far a walk it was to get here, it certainly looked a lot closer on google maps! After exiting the subway, you can head towards the huge park in the northwest direction (you can't miss it, huge patch of green), then take the underground walkway (this was a bit scary since there was no one walking in it...). When you exit, don't walk to the nearest building because that's not KBS (I made this mistake =P). Head southwest for a little bit and then you should probably see this building below.

Here's a character probably from one of their children shows and on the right is the KBS mascot.

After you get into the museum, you'll have to walk up a flight of stairs to begin your tour but the walls are decorated with lots posters from KBS animated shows.

Of course, we begin the tour with the history of broadcasting and some of the equipment the station used to use.

Next is the KBS radio station. This was pretty cool because they even let you see (from the outside though) the studio where they do professional recordings/tapings of orchestras and operas productions.

Ahhhhh, my favorite part - a walk through of some of the most popular KBS drama ever made. Winter Sonata, one of the most famous kdramas ever (which I haven't watched yet =P) is displayed prominently.  From 2009, you can see a sampling of the dramas, including Boys Over Flowers and IRIS.

There was also a fun room where you get to stand in front of the blue/green screen and act out your hidden desires of being weather forecaster, pointing to various imaginary locations to indicate the shifting of the rain clouds and predict the next, incoming typhoon. =P Unfortunately, since it was a green screen, there was really not much to take pictures of aside from a green wall ^_^

Below, is the last major exhibit. On the left is the real KBS newsroom, seen through a small window, and on the right is a replica of the newsroom where you can deliver your own daily newscast ^_^ Remember to take a picture of yourself as a news anchor for posterity!

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