Saturday, February 4, 2012

Food @ Taipei 101

I was visiting a friend in the Xinyi district and we decided to stop by the Taipei 101 for a visit and to grab some lunch.

The cafeteria/food court was immaculate and rather spacious, with an upscale feel to the surroundings, rather unlike the food courts generally found in North American malls.

There were a large number of choices so I took some time browse through all the menus (much to my friend's chagrin =P) to see what all the shops offered. Generally, most of the shops offered noodle soups and rice of some kind. But what really caught me by surprise was the pricing. Considering we were at the food court for a pretty upscale-looking mall within the central Taipei 101 complex, my jaw pretty much dropped when I saw those delicious looking combos going for just $3-4 USD!

Seriously!  All that awesome food without taking a major hit on the wallet - I must be in food heaven! Anyway, here's a picture of my combo (I had stolen my friend's noodles as well, the combo doesn't actually come with that) all for just 120 TWD (about $4 USD). What a world of difference compared to a McDonald's combo meal! I'm pretty sure this (minus the noodles) could easily have gone for at least $10 in the US.

Here are some closeups of of the delicious noodle soup and the pork rice.

The fried tofu was to die for!

After we ate, we spent some time walking around the Taipei 101 megacomplex but I knew exactly where I wanted to go for dinner. It was back to the food court again that evening =P where this time I got some of the famous Taiwanese beef noodle soup. While it wasn't quite as good as the beef noodle soup shop, it was certainly a lot better than most I've had in the US.

Definitely wishing I could fly back there to grab lunch everyday...

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