Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The Luxor likely has one of the more unique exteriors among the casinos on the Strip. Like the Venetian, the Paris, the New York New York and the Excalibur, the Luxor aims to resemble one of the most recognizable structures on Earth, the great pyramids. The Luxor stands out on an approach to Las Vegas airport and can be found on the south end of the Strip next to the Excalibur and the Mandalay Bay.

The name of Luxor is actually named after a city in Egypt which was formerly the ancient Egyptian city of Thebes.

Inside, you can find Egyptian-looking artifacts such as obelisks, sphinxes and hieroglyphs. In the distance, you can also see the elevators which take guests to their room at an angle! The elevators actually go up at a 39 degree incline.

The hotel contains a replica of King Tut's tomb and museum, similar to that found in the Valley of the Kings.

The Luxor also holds a Titanic artifact exhibition:

The hotel check-in area are staffed with small jackal statues nearby.

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