Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry Review (2010)

Drama Rating: ****
Personal Rating: Loved It!

Lee Shin Young is a career-minded reporter having split with her ex-boyfriend Sang Woo for an overseas reporting stint. Along with her two friends Jung Da Jung and Kim Boo Ki, this drama follows the story of the three women in their 30s and their love lives. Shin Young happens to meet a university student/indie band lead singer Ha Min Jae and his friend Dr Na Ban Suk, a traditional acupunture doctor. Will Shin Young end up with either Min Jae or Ban Suk and what hurdles will they encounter?

*Spoiler warning*

The story for this drama was well thought out, well planned and strongly executed and filmed. This drama offers some amusing contrasts between sharply different characters who happen to be friends. With their various quirks, the writers were able to build up many clever and highly memorable situations such as the portable sauna, the tanning sunglasses and the chocolate (ring) scenes. Aside from the somewhat forced inclusion of Min Jae's mother's side story into the mix, the writing was a definite success. Generally for dramas like these, I'm a little leery as the ending approaches as a bad ending can really ruin a good story. Fortunately, this particular ending was quite suitable, leaving a good and memorable aftertaste.

The most delightful part of the series was undoubtedly the cast. Having Kim Bum in the lead role for this particular character was brilliant as he clearly shone in a role written just for him, emphasizing many of his strengths. His seductive charm, smooth delivery of lines and charming gaze more than likely won over the hearts of audience as well as the strong Lee Shin Young. Park Jin Hee's willful Shin Young was also quite well done, matching Min Jae's charm with her tenacity. Choi Chul Ho's bumbling Dr Na Ban Suk was a great contrast to his friend Min Jae and his well-acted bumbling ways added many a laugh to the story. Uhm Ji Won's haughty Jung Da Jung was an interesting addition to the story with her strange quirks and oddities making the story take unpredictable turns at times. Wang Bit Na's kooky and self-confident Kim Boo Ki rounded out the three sisters with her admirable, independent nature.

While Lee Pil Mo's Yoon Sang Woo wasn't particularly bad, his character sometimes felt a bit redundant, with his role as Shin Young's ex-boyfriend feeling a little forced, especially when he later meets Park Ji Young's Choi Sang Mi. Like Sang Woo's character, something about the two of them don't quite fit with the drama's generally positive vibe. While not a knock on Park Ji Young's acting, Sang Mi's stern and somewhat moody nature has a rough vibe which runs somewhat against the polished, cheerful nature of the story.

I quite enjoyed the music soundtrack for this drama. Funny scenes are appropriately set to light, humorous tunes while romantic scenes are matched with such memorable love ballads as Confession, The Woman Who Cut My Guitar String and others.

This drama is one of the stronger and more memorable romantic comedies I've watched so far. Aside from a few dramas like Secret Garden or Love Generation that entirely won me over, this drama is certainly among my favorites, alongside dramas like Soulmate and Full House. Kim Bum clearly owns this drama with his charm and seduction as he grows out of the shadow of Boys Over Flowers. While Park Jin Hee's age gap gives the drama a good shot of realism, the light, bubbling, humorous script keeps the drama flowing steadily along. And certainly, the great accompanying soundtrack was a definite asset!

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  1. love this drama so much...i can relate to the character of shin..