Friday, March 9, 2012

Pike Place Market

Seattle is ever the rainy city, so it was fortunately only cloudy that afternoon when I went to the Pike Place Market, one of the oldest open air farmer's market in the US.

You can see a number of ships off in the distance with piers for container shipping.

The original Starbucks is actually quite close to the market and on the left side of the street as you approach from the west.

The fish market itself is full of bright neon signage from shops offering plenty of fresh seafood.

The market also is home to many fresh grocery stalls manned by farmers which are also surrounded by plenty of restaurants, bakeries, butchers and delicatessens in the immediate vicinity.

The area around the market is also filled with a variety of quaint shops selling antiques, books, collectibles and crafts.

I had dinner at Etna's, a restaurant not far from the market itself.  Decided to treat myself to some local oysters and a crab cake.

One last shot of the Seattle downtown area:

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