Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eco Alcala Suites Review

In Madrid, I stayed at the Sercotel Eco Alcala Suites.  This was near the eastern side of the city, about 5 minutes walk from the Ciudad Lineal metro station. The walk there is actually a bit more difficult than it looks on google maps as there is a steep decline down to the hotel. This isn't much of a problem going *to* the hotel from the metro station but going *from* the hotel every morning to the metro is a bit of an exercise!

The lobby above on the right is nicely decorated with a number of interesting objet d'arts although it feels a bit cluttered due to the lack of space. The rooms are also done in the same style with some of the furniture also passing as artistic pieces such as the carved, wooden chair.

The sofa bed on the left was actually quite uncomfortable though as the mattress was rather thin and you could feel the coils at your back but thankfully I was only there for a few nights.

The suite includes a small 'kitchenette' section which consists of just a sink, a small table and a microwave.  The bathroom was also fairly nicely furnished although it could certainly have used a bit more room, especially since the room itself was quite large.

The stairway, also adorned with objet d'art pieces, provided a quick and easy way to get down to the street without waiting for the slow elevators.

Overall, the stay wasn't too bad aside from the issues with the secondary bed. This place certainly can save you a few bucks from the more expensive hotels nearer the city centre and certainly provides a compromise between cost and ease of access. As mentioned, the metro is about a 5 minutes walk (including a steep incline) and there are plenty of restaurants in this residential neighbourhood.  Trains to the city centre generally take about half an hour.

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