Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Longshan Temple

Stopped by a temple in Taiwan, the Longshan Temple in Taipei. This place of worship was originally built in 1738 and destroyed several times in various fires and earthquakes. You can easily get there by the metro; as you exit the station, there will be clear signs directing you to the temple itself. And just outside is large rock with the name of the temple engraved.

The entrance to the temple has a scrolling electronic sign out front which, I must say, doesn't really quite fit in with the elaborate, ornamental nature of the temple.

A shot of the temple after you enter. I really liked the temple's construction using classical Taiwanese architecture with obvious mainland Chinese influences.

On the left side is a mini-waterfall set within the sanctuary.

Gold plating appears to have been very popular and was used extensively on various ornaments, on pillars and statues of deities.

The architecture is done in classical chinese style with very intricate and elaborate eaves adorning the temple's roof.

It was quite a feeling to experience this place as it certainly gave off a very traditional feel, almost as though transporting you entirely into a bygone era.

One last parting shot:

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