Friday, April 20, 2012

NTU, shaved ice and A380s

Stopped by the pretty famous National Taiwan University (NTU) area for a brief visit with a friend.

The campus is filled with plenty of palm trees and an interesting sign barring megaphones:

After walking showing me around the campus, we headed to some of the shops nearby the campus for some of the famous Taiwanese shaved ice desserts. There were plenty of toppings to choose from but we got the standard red bean shaved ice and the deliciously satisfying strawberry with pudding. Even if it was the middle of winter, this was soooooooo good! Although you might want to warm up with some hotpot later - might I suggest this restaurant?

Stopped by a 7-Eleven after and was rather amused that you could get a variety of hot snacks for 100 NTD ($3 USD). While its certainly not particularly cheap, it was certainly rather interesting to find.

The other restaurant that I passed by which I really regret not visiting was the A380 restaurant, simulating the A380 interior I suppose.

Not sure if the food they serve is exactly the same as aircraft food (I hope not - at least due to the high sodium content) but the atmosphere is certainly unique enough to warrant a try. Next time it is!

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