Friday, May 4, 2012

Residence Inn San Diego Sorrento Mesa-Sorrento Valley

I had stopped for a stay in San Diego at the Marriott Category 4 Residence Inn San Diego Sorrento Mesa Sorrento Valley. While this was a decent hotel to stay at, I am often left puzzled at how Marriott determines their categories as I felt this was a huge difference from the splendid experience I had at the Courtyard Seoul Times Square, now a hotel in the same category as this one.

In terms of facilities, this hotel certainly wasn't lacking, with a lounge/patio outside (although I'm not sure how much rain those pillows have soaked up) next to their outdoor swimming pool.

They also have a tiny tennis/basketball court on the ground. Ironically, I think the size of the court was more suited for badminton.

Breakfast is served in the lounge each morning. There is a fair selection food available although I must say the quality of the food could certainly have done with some improvement as the scrambled eggs didn't really taste at all like eggs and most of the meats were severely overcooked. Fruits were also highly preserved.

The interior of the suite itself looks pretty decent with a small kitchenette area, although there are just two hot plates for cooking next to the refrigerator - somehow I suspect those aren't used pretty often. The living area is also reasonably well furnished with a work desk facing the door as you enter and the sofa lining the wall.

I must say though that the ventilation/heater/air conditioner seems to be really quite dated as you get directly blown in the face with either hot or cold air depending where you are in the room. This was quite uncomfortable, especially as the work desk was right in the path of the air stream.

The other strange thing was the placement of the TV. This shot was taken from the larger sofa and it is rather difficult to see the television at this angle. Guess this room wasn't designed with a TV in mind....

The bed and washroom are hidden around the corner with the sink outside for easy access. I really did enjoy the big selection of pillows as I got quite a comfortable rest with those.  All in all, I had a pleasant stay at this hotel although I would definitely think twice before redeeming any points here as 20k points per night here is a bit steep for the value.

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